Nvidia notebook

17 New NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops

  Creative workflows are riddled with hurry up and wait. Repetitive tasks can take up to 80 percent of a creator’s time, leaving them watching progress bars instead of making adjustments and improvements. And content like ray-traced 3D models and RED RAW video require massive computational horsepower that hasn’t been available from ...



Big Furryball RT discount

    One of the first realtime GPU renderer FurryBall RT, prepared huge discounts. FurryBall development was discontinued, but it still very powerful Maya, Max  and Cinema​ 4D plugin.    Permanent license dropped from 199,- EUR to 98,- EUR and One year license from 49,- EUR to 39,- EUR. Look into ...



The Foundry rolls out Modo 13

  The latest update adds GPU accelerated rendering and new modeling and animation tools.   The Foundry is rolling out a major update to its Modo software, three installments to complete the Modo 13 Series. The first installment is out and offers significant updates to rendering, animation, and added modeling tools. Foundry’s senior product ...



AMD’s speedy Radeon VII GPU is proving Nvidia’s point

  As I have been talking about for the last few weeks, AMD has just launched their next-generation 7nm GPU: the Vega for the consumers called the Radeon VII. I wasn’t sure whether the VII stood for Vega II or 7 and it turns out it stands for 7 (the roman numerical 7). This was ...


AI faces

100% real AI generated faces.

These faces show how far AI image generation has advanced in just four years   Those people on the right aren’t real; they’re the product of machine learning   Who said robots couldn’t be creative? artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction films and ...



NVIDIA Invents AI Interactive Graphics

    Twenty-five years ago NVIDIA transformed the computer graphics industry by building the first GPU, the modern day tool of the da Vincis and Einsteins of our time. Now, a new deep learning-based model developed by NVIDIA researchers aims to catapult the graphics industry into the AI chapter.  Using a conditional ...


Vray - Unreal

Chaos Group Releases V-Ray for Unreal

Software brings V-Ray scenes directly into the Unreal Editor, letting artists tap into the game engine’s power to create immersive experiences.     LOS ANGELES -- Chaos Group today has released V-Ray for Unreal, the fastest way for architecture, automotive and visual effects users to create immersive experiences from their V-Ray content. ...



Nvidia RTX 2000 GPU series

  $1,199 for Nvidia’s fastest GeForce card       Nvidia is unveiling its new GeForce RTX 2000 series of graphics cards at Gamescom in Germany today. While we’ve seen a number of teasers and plenty of card leaks recently, the GeForce RTX 2080 is finally official. Based on Nvidia&...



V-Ray for Houdini

Today, Chaos Group releases the open beta for V-Ray for Houdini, bringing its Academy Award-winning rendering technology to every part of the VFX pipeline. With V-Ray for Houdini, artists can apply high-performance ray tracing to all of their creative projects, connecting standard applications like Autodesk's 3ds Max and Maya and Foundry'...



FurryBall RT for free to use!

  AAA studio announced stop development of their GPU renderer FurryBall... ;-(   But they will give FurryBall RT for free to everybody for symbolic price 29,- EUR. This is a fair price for production prooved software used od many animated movies.     Dear users, we are sorry to inform you, that we had ...


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