Tesla K80

NVIDIA Tesla K80

Kicking off today is the annual International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, better known as SC. For NVIDIA, next to their annual GPU Technology Conference, SC is their second biggest GPU compute conference, and is typically the venue for NVIDIA’s summer/fall announcements. Earlier we covered the announcement of ...



Looking for the best GPU for rendering?

On this web you can compare all game GPUs - nicely in one place.  For the GPU rendering, there is important value "MRENDER" and "EFFECTIVE 3D SPEED" http://gpu.userbenchmark.com It's pity, that Pro GPUs like Quadro are not included in comparison.   Much more comparations you can ...


GPU vs CPU rendering

GPU vs CPU rendering

Posted on  October 2, 2014  by Joe Pizzini As GPU render engines become more popular and feature rich, you may be thinking (for the purposes of final frame rendering) that it’s time to jump in and integrate GPUs into your workflow. The driving force behind a migration to GPU rendering has ...


Nvidia 980


Ah yes, "the world's fastest GPU", a tagline bounced around by the likes of Nvidia and AMD each and every time they release a new flagship GPU. While both companies have held that seemingly coveted title over the years, with the release of the GTX 980, Nvidia is back on top ...


Maya Extension

Autodesk Maya 2015 - Extenstion 1

Maya customers on Autodesk® Subscription have access to Extension 1 for Autodesk® Maya® 2015 software This extension for Maya provides you with new tools and workflow enhancements, helping you get more done in less time. Some of the features you should be excited about include: an all-new Color Management system, new ...



Google Tango - 3D Computer Vision

Project Tango - Opens Doors to 3D Computer Vision Google’s new Project Tango Tablet Developers’ Kit puts powerful new capabilities in the hands of those ready to harness the promise of computer vision. Fast-forwarding Google’s Project Tango from experimental device to developer kit, the tablet incorporates cameras optimized ...


New FurryBall 4.8 with Cinema 4D support

There is also new very nice feature - the second reflection for FurryBall standard material. Cinema 4D plugin is for FREE - as Maya and 3DS Max plugin.   New FurryBall 4.8 features introduction.   New features 4.8 Complete release notes history Added direct and indirect multipliers for diffuse and specular components Added secondary reflection into FurryBall ...


Adobe on GPU

Adobe products on GPU

MAKE YOUR ADOBE® CREATIVE TOOLS FASTER  AND MORE INTUITIVE Get blazing-fast performance and smooth interactivity in your most challenging projects with NVIDIA GPUs. Nothing accelerates Adobe Creative Cloud tools and the Adobe Anywhere solution like NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs. NVIDIA and Adobe constantly collaborate on leading-edge ...


Data center

Learning Machines - GPU vs CPU

A growing number of customers are using GPUs for big data analytics to make better, real-time business decisions. This page highlights customer use cases and their techniques in big data analytics, such as machine learning, search, and sorting.   10x SPEED-UP ON IMAGE DETECTION USING NEURAL NETWORKS  Dr. Dan Ciresan, Swiss Al Lab IDSIA, ...


Google Car

Google Self-Driving car

  This week, Google said they’re doing something about it, announcing that they’ve shifted the focus of their Self-Driving Car Project from cruising down freeways to mastering city streets.     The blog post, by Google’s Chris Urmson, goes to the heart of what NVIDIA’s been ...


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