Goat Story - GPU rendered feature movie

Goat Story

Goat Story with Cheese

The first World CGI feature movie rendered ONLY on GPU

AAA Studio started developing FurryBall in 2008 for purposes of it's studio and finished a whole CGI full length 85 min film Goat story with Cheese! in STEREO for cinemas with FurryBall like finalframe renderer in 2012.

FurryBall provides him speed and freedom and the result is incredible for that small team.



They can affort several lighting variants, volumetric effects, DOF and in-scene material and texture tuning in final quality. All of these at interactive rates.
They rendered about 120.000 stereo frames in average time 3-10 min for 2x HD stereo frame on regular workstations. It was 10 - 30 TIMES faster than CPU based renderers. As a matter of fact, they didn't use any post-production with FurryBall render - just color corrections and rendering into layers for few very complicated shots.
Post-production in stereography is very difficult and FurryBall saves both time and money.

From rendered results you will never believe, that it was rendered WHOLE only on GPU - Quality is really fantastic.


Goat Story with Cheese - rendered ONLY on NVIDIA GPUs