GPU used in “The Martian” movie

No one’s been to Mars yet. But thanks to GPUs, scenes of astronaut Mark Watney — played by Matt Damon in the film “The Martian” — on Mars feel like a documentary. The movie shows Watney living through a ferocious storm; scraping together a plan to survive, alone, on his base &...



Making of RoboCop by Method Studio

Making of RoboCop by Method Studio Check out Making of video shows how Method Studio brought RoboCop to life. Method generated a 3D Robocop and internal components to show Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnanman) being reassembled. These shots occur in an environment that required digital matte paintings and re-projection to extend the scene ...



How ILM use GPU in pipeline

  Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is a Lucasfilm Ltd. company serving the digital needs of the entertainment industry. Since 1975, ILM has been providing extraordinary post-production visual effects services. Motion pictures, commercials, trailers, music videos and special venue projects have utilized ILM's unequaled artistry in techniques such as model making, matte painting, computer-generated imagery, ...


Stroke of Luck

Stroke of Luck

A Stroke of Luck by Carlos Ortega Elizalde Great example how render very fast in HUGE resolution on GPU.     A stroke of luck or a gift from God  The hand of fate or devil’s claws Modeled in Maya and rendered in GPU with FurryBall 3 renderer, final size was 10000 px ...


Goat Story

Goat Story - GPU rendered feature movie

The first World CGI feature movie rendered ONLY on GPU AAA Studio started developing FurryBall in 2008 for purposes of it's studio and finished a whole CGI full length 85 min film Goat story with Cheese! in STEREO for cinemas with FurryBall like finalframe renderer in 2012. ...


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