FurryBall 4.6 released

FurryBall 4.6 released6

FurryBall 4.6 released!

New version of incredibly fast GPU render is here - and It's GREAT!

for Maya, 3DS Max, standalone and network

The main new features we added is Raytraced SSS (with special feature blending texture from the surface into the object), Layered materials (up to 4 layers with alpha masks) and real camera behave Multipass (raytraced) Depth of Field. 

From version 4.6 FurryBall also support basic Arnold, Mental Ray and V-Ray materials in Maya (Color, Specular and Transparency).

Raytraced shadow terminator problem was fixed.

We also redesigned little bit Render Settings panel. Now you can select method (Raytrace or Rasterize) for specific features.

For compositing purposes we added Shadow catcher and other new passes.

Raytrace preparation improvement - 25% - 50% speed up for the compiling time and half of system memory for raytrace with the latest NVIDIA 332.21 drivers. 25% - 50% speed up for Raytrace on Quadro cards.

We also prepared new more complex benchmark scene for faster GPU ad Multi-GPUs.


FurryBall 4.6 features


Shadow terminate problem fix.


New features 4.6        

Renderer engine - Standalone

  • Added layered material (up to 4 layers with alpha masks)
  • Added Raytraced SSS with texture blending into object
  • Added real camera behave - multipass Depth of Field
  • Added shadow catcher per object
  • Added support for velvet in raytracing
  • Added shadow terminator fix
  • Added max ray intensity parameter
  • Added support for groups in instancer
  • 25% - 50% Speed up for the compiling effects
  • Fixed carpaint in ray tracing
  • Fixed ray traced color intensity
  • Fixed alpha mask with ray traced transparency
  • Fixed directional lights with default parameters
  • Fixed environment maps background update
  • Fixed stereo cameras in standalone application
  • Fixed reduce textures in cuda attribute change
  • Fixed render node presets
  • Fixed normals for mirrored objects (negative scale, still problem with instances)
  • New benchmark scene for Multi-GPU

Maya Plugin (2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014)

  • Added basic support for some Mental Ray, Arnold, V-Ray materials
  • Added feature selector (Raytracing x Rasterization) for each effect separately
  • Render passes revision + new passes
  • FurryBall settings nodes revision

3DS Max Plugin (2013, 2014)

  • Added feature selector (Raytracing x Rasterization) for each effect separately
  • Object instantiation support
  • Fixed loading of camera parameters

You can build your own Layered realistic SSS human skin material.


Special FurryBall SSS with blending texture into object