FurryBall 4.7 released

FurryBall 4.7


FurryBall 4.7 for Maya, 3DS Max is out!


New release of the great GPU render is finally here - with Maya 2015 and 3DS Max 2015 support.

The main new features are two new methods for HDRI map sampling, HDR image format support, new Displacement map behavior and merging FREE and REGULAR LICENSED version into ONE installation file. The long list of changes is below.

FREE version of FurryBall 4.7 is available for download.



New features 4.7        

Renderer engine - Standalone

  • Added support for HDRI lighting - 2 new faster methods
  • Added support for High dynamic range image preview option
  • Added low light intensity shadow rays threshold
  • Added transparency exit color or environment map (Transparent materials)
  • Added support for RGBE file format (.hdr)
  • Added only R channel support in OpenEXR file format
  • Fixed bump map value clipping
  • Some changes in FurryBall standalone application
  • Fixed car paint in layered shader
  • Fixed displacement normals
  • Changed displacement behavior (computed in object space - scale with object)
  • Fixed displacement in negative values
  • Fixed memory leak when raytracing geometry changed
  • Fixed alpha channel
  • Fixed hair random orientation
  • Fixed hair in indirect
  • Fixed texture sizes pass
  • Fixed texture analyzator
  • Fixed bump map color gain
  • Fixed car paint flakes in raytracing
  • Fixed reflection pass
  • Fixed AO pass with multipass multisampling
  • Fixed shadow pass with supersampling or multipass multisampling
  • Fixed AO with alphamasked objects
  • Fixed objects with reverse normals
  • Fixed enabling/disabling textures in raytracing
  • Fixed primary lighting pass
  • Fixed ray traced SSS
  • Better support for layered materials with SSS
  • Fixed rendering and cancelling render into file
  • Fixed some network rendering bugs
  • Fixed refraction index computation
  • Changed internet connection timeout

Maya Plugin (2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

  • Added support for Maya 2015
  • Added render statistics in render view
  • Fixed problem with restarting rendering in render view
  • Fixed Maya 2011 freezing while render to file
  • Instances loading speedup
  • Fixed refreshing in Maya 2014
  • Fixed normals update on smoothed meshes

3DS Max Plugin (2013, 2014, 2015)

  • Added support for Max 2015 
  • Added unit scale (3DS Max scene is 10x smaller for FurryBall now)
  • ActiveShade refresh optimizations
  • Added support for object with same names
  • Added bump multiplier into FurryBall material
  • Added support for displacement map
  • Fixed material editor preview
  • Fixed some lights bugs
  • Fixed FurryBall material specular
  • Fixed render passes
  • Fixed updates GI node in ActiveShade
  • Fixed updates mesh when is created
  • Fixed environment map recomputing
  • Fixed render settings initialization
  • Fixed procedural textures updating
  • Fixed bitmap output settings