GPU and CPU renderers price comparison



We compared the prices of commercial renderers on the market - free software are NOT included in the table.


Render Permanent license Rental license
Arion render (GPU) 633,- USD -
Arnold render 1220,- USD 372,- USD (minimal rental price)
Corona  479,- USD  26,- USD (1 month)
FurryBall RT (GPU) 307- USD

 credit version - 1,1,- USD per hour

Iray (GPU) - 295,- USD (1 year)
Octane Render (GPU) 619,- USD -
Pixar Renderman 495,- USD 350,- USD (minimal rental price)
Redshift (GPU) 500,- USD -
Thea  420,- USD -
V-Ray (CPU+GPU) 799,- USD 120,- USD (1 month)



The cheapest variation for CPU rendering is a rental version of Corona render for the price 26,- USD per month.
The cheapest GPU render is FurryBall RT for the price 307,- USD (The price includes all 3 plugins for the free).


The most expensive renderer today is Arnold (CPU) render for the price 1220,- USD

For GPU renders is the most expensive Arion renderer for price 633,- USD and Octane render for 619,- USD