Adobe on GPU

Adobe products on GPU

MAKE YOUR ADOBE® CREATIVE TOOLS FASTER  AND MORE INTUITIVE Get blazing-fast performance and smooth interactivity in your most challenging projects with NVIDIA GPUs. Nothing accelerates Adobe Creative Cloud tools and the Adobe Anywhere solution like NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs. NVIDIA and Adobe constantly collaborate on leading-edge ...


FurryBall 4.7

FurryBall 4.7 released

    New release of the great GPU render is finally here - with Maya 2015 and 3DS Max 2015 support.   The main new features are two new methods for HDRI map sampling, HDR image format support, new Displacement map behavior and merging FREE and REGULAR LICENSED version into ONE ...


The Best GPU render?

According this NVIDIA list you can find the best CUDA based GPU solution for your business.  V-Ray RT is more like previz render for CPU version of V-Ray. It doesn't support all features like regular V-RAY CPU. Octane in version 1.0 is quite fast, but doesn't support displacement, hairs and ...


Pixar presto

Pixar Presto Demonstration

Pixar Presto Demonstration at NVIDIA’s GTC conference, live interactive environment. you can Watch full Pixar’s Keynote at GTC. They found the power of GPU rendering for it's pipeline.     Dirk Van Gelder and Danny Nahmias keynote the GPU Technology Conference 2014.. Pixar uses Nvidia GPUs and NVIDIA&...



Adobe After Effects CS6 - CPU vs GPU

Adobe® After Effects® CS6 simplifies and accelerates the motion graphics workflow like never before with an amazing new 3D ray-traced rendering engine based on NVIDIA® Optix™technology. This enables you to simply and quickly design realistic geometric text and shapes in 3D space, eliminating the traditional time-consuming back and forth ...


FurryBall 4.6 released6

FurryBall 4.6 released

New version of incredibly fast GPU render is here - and It's GREAT!   for Maya, 3DS Max, standalone and network The main new features we added is Raytraced SSS (with special feature blending texture from the surface into the object), Layered materials (up to 4 layers with alpha masks) ...


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